The Water Discovery Challenge (Discovery) is a £4 million competition for bold and ingenious innovation that can help solve the biggest challenges facing the water sector today and in the future.

Discovery aims to accelerate the discovery, development and adoption of promising innovations by the water sector. It aims to achieve this by directly supporting organisations with innovative propositions and facilitating their engagement with water companies.

The Water Discovery Challenge welcomes entries from all sectors, and innovative propositions can be from anywhere in the world. To be eligible to enter, organisations entering must:

Note that you can not submit hyperlinks, video or recordings as part of your entry form. 

Answers to the individual entry questions should be typed and answered directly in the form. Links and additional material submitted will not be accessible for assessors or reviewers. 

Where you are provided with an opportunity to attach images or diagrams note that these should be relevant to your entry and be clearly referenced this in the answers to the questions. Diagrams should have minimum text and no narrative text, video or hyperlinks. Narrative text, video and hyperlinks will not be reviewed by the assessors or reviewers.

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